Class Descriptions

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Power Vinyasa Class is an up beat and physically demanding style of class, focusing on balancing strength and flexibility. Based on the Ashtanga yoga tradition, which is the original “power yoga”. Students will learn to match their movement to their breath while gaining mental and physical strength through the practice. You may want to bring a towel. For all the Yogis and Yoginis out there. See you in class!

Align and Flow is an all levels Alignment-based Vinyasa (flow) class. Classes are presented as a well-rounded sequence including: sun salutations, breath work, and guided meditation. Arm balances and inversion are incorporated into the sequencing.

All Levels Pilates Matwork is a mat class that will take you through a dynamic, full body workout that focuses on core strength and improving flexibility with exercises that stretch and tone all muscle groups. Working from the deepest layers of the muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, resulting in a strong and flexible spine with ideal alignment and posture. Classes emphasize the foundational principles of Stott Pilates while offering modifications and variations to suit each student’s individual needs. Props will be used to offer variety and challenge.

Core Fusion, Pilates/Barre, is a full-body toning class combining movements from Pilates, Ballet Barre & Yoga. This class will help strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve posture, build core strength and improve flexibility. Props are used and modifications offered so that every student can be challenged to suit individual needs.

Restorative Yoga This is the perfect chance to decompress from a stressful day or release physical tension. This 60-minute class focuses on relaxation and promoting deep rest. Sequencing includes a variety of pranayama exercises (breath work) with supported postures. These postures are performed with the help of blocks, blankets and bolsters.

Gentle Flow, Balancing ease and strength, this class incorporates many of the moves of Vinyasa yoga but at a slower, fluid pace. When we flow slowly, we make space to discover opportunities and challenges in the transitions we often rush through. The end of class will focus on restorative poses, so students leave feeling centered and refreshed.

Exhale Flow, During this 45-minute class, students will weave their way through creative transitions accompanied by rhythmic tunes. Fusing traditional vinyasa methodology with contemporary dynamic flow, this fluid practice links breath and movement, integrates inner and outer alignment, and balances strength with flexibility.  Open to students of all levels, appealing to new students or anyone who wants to refine their existing practice.
All Levels Vinyasa Flow is an Alignment-based (flow) class. Classes are presented as a well-rounded sequence including: sun salutations, breath work, and guided meditation. Arm balances and inversion are incorporated into the sequencing.
Lengthen & Strengthen, this yoga class combines dynamic movements with deep stretching. These challenging flows will create functional movement in your body. We’ll start with deep core work to fire up the center, then follow with creative sequences that test your overall body strength and lengthen major muscles, with longer holds to increase flexibility. By the end of class, you’ll feel stronger physically and mentally! Some yoga experience recommended, but all movement can be modified for beginners. A great class for athletes or those who love to work hard!
All Levels, Salsa Dance Class.  Guiding gentlemen how to smoothly showcase luscious ladies. Additionally, leading ladies in how to follow effortlessly with great gentlemen. Training all levels and the  goal is for everyone to leave with nugget(s) of salsa wisdom. Come and meet new people.
Power Vinyasa & Yoga Philosophy, is a class that will break down techniques and focus on the Yoga Sutras of the practice.  Don’t worry- we still keep it moving. Even those students who have been practicing for years will appreciate this class to fine-tune the fundamentals of their yoga practice.
All Levels Shakti Flow, is a class that will awaken your body with a breath based flow class with poses that strengthen and energize. All levels can join and be challenged by variations of postures.  This class does a lot of core work and builds muscle tone, advancing students in their practice and giving them a good workout!