Class Descriptions

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Power Vinyasa Class is an up beat and physically demanding style of class, focusing on balancing strength and flexibility. Based on the Ashtanga yoga tradition, which is the original “power yoga”. Students will learn to match their movement to their breath while gaining mental and physical strength through the practice. You may want to bring a towel. For all the Yogis and Yoginis out there. See you in class!

Align and Flow is an all levels Alignment-based Vinyasa (flow) class. Classes are presented as a well-rounded sequence including: sun salutations, breath work, and guided meditation. Arm balances and inversion are incorporated into the sequencing.

Restorative Yoga This is the perfect chance to decompress from a stressful day or release physical tension. This 60-minute class focuses on relaxation and promoting deep rest. Sequencing includes a variety of pranayama exercises (breath work) with supported postures. These postures are performed with the help of blocks, blankets and bolsters.

Gentle Flow Balancing ease and strength, this class incorporates many of the moves of Vinyasa yoga but at a slower, fluid pace. When we flow slowly, we make space to discover opportunities and challenges in the transitions we often rush through. The end of class will focus on restorative poses, so students leave feeling centered and refreshed.

Exhale Flow During this 45-minute class, students will weave their way through creative transitions accompanied by rhythmic tunes. Fusing traditional vinyasa methodology with contemporary dynamic flow, this fluid practice links breath and movement, integrates inner and outer alignment, and balances strength with flexibility.  Open to students of all levels, appealing to new students or anyone who wants to refine their existing practice.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow is an Alignment-based (flow) class. Classes are presented as a well-rounded sequence including: sun salutations, breath work, and guided meditation. Arm balances and inversion are incorporated into the sequencing.

Prenatal Yoga is networking and connecting Mamas together, The Sacred Journey to Motherhood is a prenatal yoga system evolved to help Mothers develop strength, self-awareness and a calm mind to provide the most comfortable pregnancy possible.  This class will always include; community building, as well as grounding and centering Mom in her pregnant body, pranayama breath-work, targeted asana practice to build strength, endurance, flexibility and some silence or meditation, where she will leave feeling solid, grounded, open, restored and centered.

Foundations of Yoga Level 1 This class is suitable for everyone and anyone.  We begin with sun salutations as a warm-up, introducing basic yoga poses, asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, and yogic philosophy to those new to the practice of yoga. Detailed instruction is given emphasizing proper alignment, modifications, and adjustments in order for students to develop a safer yoga practice catered to each individual skill level.

Yin & Flow Yoga  This class combines the “yin” yoga style – this is a vinyasa based class where students increase flexibility by holding postures for a long period of time. This class is for all levels and includes modifications for beginners and more advanced practitioners, it is perfect for weightlifters, athletes, and anyone who needs to stretch it all out!

Cardio Barre Sculpt This class is an intensive body shaping experience with all the elements of barre you love, mixed with cardio bursts to take that heart rate up! Cardio Barre will increase metabolism, burn fat, and lengthen out tight muscles. This class pulls elements from Pilates, Yoga, low-impact cardio, active and orthopedic stretching to balance the workout. Cardio Barre will take the heart rate up and challenge the body to find stability and stamina in the stabilizer muscles which support the body’s larger muscle groups. The precision-focused method draws attention to small, isolated movements within deeply held postures, while maintaining a neutral spine position.

Weekend Reset Yoga This is an all levels Alignment-based Vinyasa (flow) class. Classes are presented as a well-rounded sequence including: sun salutations, breath work, and guided meditation. Arm balances and inversion are incorporated into the sequencing.

All Levels, Salsa Dance Class Guiding gentlemen how to smoothly showcase luscious ladies. Additionally, leading ladies in how to follow effortlessly with great gentlemen. Training all levels and the goal is for everyone to leave with nugget(s) of salsa wisdom. Come and meet new people.

Beginner Bachata Dance Class Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic which is now danced all over the world. It is associated with bachata music.In this class you will learn the fundamentals of bachata (urban) with the potential of learning new moves every week

Power Vinyasa & Yoga Philosophy This class that will break down techniques and focus on the Yoga Sutras of the practice.  Don’t worry- we still keep it moving. Even those students who have been practicing for years will appreciate this class to fine-tune the fundamentals of their yoga practice.

Children’s Yoga Yoga for Kids Ages 4-12. Yoga helps to build strength, flexibility, and strong bones through weight bearing postures. It improves balance, coordination, and sensory awareness. It supports and strengthens the immune system by reducing stress and stimulating the lymphatic system. Breath work (Pranayama) improves heart and respiratory system functioning.
Yoga also increases attention span and improves concentration through the use of story structure; builds compassion and empathy in a non-competitive class environment; builds self-confidence; encourages self-expression and creativity; encourages healthy sleep patterns; relaxation techniques help children deal with anxiety and stress; improves relationships and social awareness through role-playing and group work. The kids learn tips for quieting the mind through yoga games that increase their ability to sit still, concentrate, and listen internally. It can be difficult to focus on concentration at first, but once you’ve done the poses, breathing, meditating, and group work, by the time they get to Savasana, they’ve learned an ability of stillness. They will appreciate it and love it and they’ll rest there quietly. There’s also story time, acting out story time, a craft project, and light snacks.

Sunday Sankalpa & Flow This class is open to all levels and invites students to find their life’s heartfelt desires through the practice of Sankalpa (intention or resolve). This is considered the “seed” of growth in the area of your life that is calling for attention. Students will have the opportunity to find their sankalpa and concentrate on this intention throughout the asana practice (poses) and during meditation. The asana sequences are fit for yogis of all levels and challenge students to build patience, concentration, physical and mental strength, all in connection with the breath. This class is perfect for those who need a little motivation in life, a boost of self-confidence, as well as inspiration for harmonious relationships.